Dr. Annette Turenne, your skin and beauty specialist

About TurennEsthetics

Dr. Annette Turenne provides a comfortable, confidential setting for your Cosmetic Consultation.
Express your concerns with an experienced Cosmetic Dermatologist.

Find out what modern Cosmetic Dermatology can offer you.
Dr. Turenne differentiates the "fluff" from "real science" so to offer effective treatments that are also cost effective.

Benefits of the Cosmetic Consultation

~ As a female, Dr. Turenne empathizes and understands the mixed feelings towards aging skin

~ Along with a thorough clinical examination and a complex analysis, Dr. Turenne will give you an honest, and objective assessment of your skin.

~ With so many available options, Dr. Turenne will help to educate and guide you with direction regarding your treatments, and set realistic expectations.

~ Let's prioritize your concerns, lay out and explain what procedures are available and most suited to you.

~ Detailed information about your treatments will be given for later review.

~ An individualized treatment program, including the most beneficial treatments, the sequence of treatments, complementary procedures, which products to use at home and a maintenance program to give long-lasting results is also provided.

~ Budgets are important to everyone, all costs are taken into account so that we may work within your budget.

~ Dr. Turenne enjoys being innovative, and continually searches for new treatments and products. She uses only cutting-edge technology because she demands the best for you.

~ TurennEsthetics offers an all-inclusive service with physician-only prescriptions and products, and on-site, personally trained aestheticians for your convenience.

~ All of your dermatological issues can be addressed with the physician who is a Skin Care Specialist.

~ Dr. Turenne combines cosmetic and medical dermatology to help give you healthy, beautiful skin.