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DTS microneedling

microneedling photofacial

DTS Roller + Cosmeticeuticals Absorborption, 40 times higher than topically applied
~ DTS Roller is the worlds newest nicroneedling device that generates more than one million microchannels in just ten minutes
~ Micro Channels are clear routes for any type of ingredients in cosmetics ~ It is a dermatologist proven method for skin rejuvenation and other skin improvements

dts roller

DTS Rejuve series

~ Ergonomic Design
~ Body Diameter 20mm x 18.2mm
~ Needle Angle 6.0 degrees
~ Needles - 9 disks x 60 needles = total of 540 needles
~ Shape of needle is diamond
~ Needle Material SUS304H - Medical grade high quality stainless steel with rustproof - Tensile strength - Significantly fortified
~ Head Material - Polycarbonate ~ Handle Material - ABS