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EF Esthélis Fortélis

EF Esthélis and Fortélis

Wrinkle Free in 30 Minutes  
EF Esthélis and Fortélis

EF Esthélis and Fortélis can do alot for you. It's a fact...subject to the classic effects of aging, climate, pollution, stress...the skin ages. When your skin is young, it stays supple, radiant and smooth thanks to a component that is naturally present in the body: hyaluronic acid. Visibly reduce your most unsightly wrinkles, redefine the contour of your lips, enhance your faces contours, recover all your radiance and natural charm.


Naturally safe. Esthélis and Fortélis are products made from a component that is naturally present in the human body.

Naturally Efficient. Fortélis lets the deepest wrinkles be treated, advantageously increases lip volume and models the face's contours Esthélis gels are a perfect complement to the in-depth Fortélis treatment, filling and smoothing, superficially, all types of wrinkles on your face.

Naturally Enhanced. No surgery, no prolonged isolation... At the end of the treatment session, you can go back to your social and professional life.

With today's new treatments, you say goodbye to all your wrinkles, from the finest lines to the most profound grooves; redraw your lips' contour or increase their volume in a natural way; firm, smooth and enhance your face's contours and relief's, simply and efficiently.

EF Esthélis and FortélisEF Esthélis and Fortélis