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Reduction of Fat Deposits by Injection Therapy

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   Simply dissolve excess fat ... with Lipolysis Injections

Reducing fat deposits through injection lipolysis therapy

What sounds like a dream, is in fact a fascinating idea that was first tried out in 1988 by an Italian professor, Sergio Maggiori, and then successfully tested in practice in 1995 by the Brazilian dermatologist Patricia Rittes.

The method involves injecting phosphatidylcholine (PPC), a natural substance obtained from soya beans, directly into the unwanted deposit of fat. The same substance, in the same chemical composition, is also produced naturally by the body, where it performs a wide range of functions, especially in connection with fat metabolism. It has also been used medically for many years as a liver-protective substance and as a means for preventing fat embolism in the blood.

Like many other people, you are probably familiar with the problem that despite changes in eating habits, weight reducing diets and special exercise regimes, deposits of fat in certain areas of the body will simply not go away.



Injection lipolysis is, however, not a new miracle method for losing weight. What the therapy does do is to enable the fat in specific, individual regions of the body to be broken down and then absorbed by the body’s metabolism. The active substance is injected via very thin needles directly into the area concerned, causing the fat cells to be dissolved.

The fat which is released is then naturally and permanently disposed of by the body. The body circumference in this region is measurably reduced. The injection technique developed also means that, because of its elasticity, the skin in the area concerned tightens again, so creating a smooth and firm surface.